“The most beautiful thing about teaching is providing opportunities”

Climb for Leaders is delighted to announce a partnership with Aldea Yanapay, a Peruvian charity based in Cusco. Aldea Yanapay came to fruition in 2004, with the vision of a Peruvian, Yuri Valencia Barrio de Mendoza, whose dream it was to build an orphanage, where education would be based on the belief that “the most beautiful thing about teaching is being able to provide opportunities.”

The Yanapay School started as an alternative school in 2004 where children would receive help with homework, as well as receive education in the arts, cultural expression, and topics relevant to today’s world, free of charge. With more than 160 children attending the school every afternoon, the school moved to a bigger space and started a volunteer programme in 2005. The Yanapay School is now sustained by profit from the Yanapay House, where volunteers pay for their room and board. In 2006, Yuri opened the Yanapay Village Restaurant and Café, which will help to fund the cultural centre he hopes to make a reality in the near future.“We were impressed by Yuri’s vision and achievements so far. The self-sustaining nature of his projects is a breath of fresh air. We hope to be able to make the Aldea Yanapay cultural centre a reality, so that children can have access to the arts, a comprehensive library and the Internet, so they can learn about and maintain their culture, and most importantly, grow up to be caring, tolerant, broadly-educated people who will contribute positively to society,” says Narmin K. Ismail, co-founder of Climb for Leaders.

Yuri said: ”So far, I’ve found success in creating and stabilizing a business venture in one year, and the next year, using the proceeds from the business to fund a social project. We are committed to tackling not just economic problems, but also educational, moral and spiritual issues, in order to provide children with social and life skills and empower them with knowledge. We are delighted to partner with the Climb for Leaders, who we are confident can help us meet some of our key program objectives, including opening the cultural centre and hopefully an orphanage for Peruvian children.”


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