Students get opportunity to impact education of a very special group of children

Peru 07 - 493 - Four-year-old girl.jpgClimb for Leaders has concluded arrangements for a two week trip by a small group of independent school youth leaders to spend some time with the local community in Urubamba and climb the mountains leading to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Narmin K. Ismail from Climb for Leaders adds: “Students will get a chance to experience what life is really like up in the Andes. They will learn about rural life from Inca Trail porters, and they will head deep into the Andes and continue your exploration of the Peruvian mountains on the Lares Trek and on to Machu Picchu. Through their fund-raising and hands-on involvement, they will spend part of their trip making a difference in the lives of special needs children.”

All proceeds from this trip will support the building and running of a local nursery school for special needs children at the Kiya Survivors Rainbow Centre in Urubamba.

Suzy Butler, Founder and Managing Director of Kiya Survivors, said: “Kiya Survivors offers children and families living in poverty, special-needs children and abandoned or abused children in Peru an education, therapy, housing and the love and support they need to overcome their past and lead a bright and positive future.

So far Kiya has built/set up and now runs five projects: The Rainbow Centre, and The Rainbow House in Urubamba, Cuzco, the Pasitos Centre and Mama Cocha Childrens Home and The Early Bird Centre in Los Organos Piura. We provide support to over 100 families and their communities.

We are delighted to have the help of students from North America, and the financial support and help they provide will mean highly enhanced learning opportunities for a very special group of children.”

Expeditions can be undretaken in Spring 2011, and Summer 2011.

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