Students empowered to help save the environment

All students who participate in the Climb for Leaders expeditions now have an innovative way to mitigate the environmental impact of their trips.

“All future expeditions will involve the students setting aside at least 10% of funds raised to be contributed to an environmental project of their choice,” says Narmin K. Ismail, co-founder of the Climb for Leaders. “Each student participant will be required to identify an environmental project in the country they will be visiting, which they feel is worthy of receiving funds raised. The students will then review all their selections among themselves, and come up with the ONE environmental project that they ALL agree most deserves to receive the funds set aside.”

“Our goal is to ensure that there is in-depth due diligence, great learning about different environmental initiatives, and strong consensus-building among the students,” adds Ismail. “This approach offers the students complete ownership of the edn result, and the funds contributed will normally be twice what typical carbon-offset projects call for, thus making a significant impact to the recipient project.”


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