New survey to measure risk perception of off site activities

Many heads of school and those involved with offsite activities worry about the four-letter word, RISK.

“Risk is very much present in offsite activities like school trips, sport trips and other trips, something just about every school undertakes, let alone international expeditions like we undertake,’ says Narmin K. Ismail, co-founder of the Climb for Leaders. “The recent front page story in the Globe and Mail is a good example of how a regular trip can become risk-laden so quickly,” she adds.

“Understanding perception of risk can assist in tailoring programs which are within the risk tolerance and safety culture of an organization. Furthermore, an appreciation of where staff and faculty perceive risk can assist in developing and refining policies and standard operating procedures, including finding ways to mitigate risk: something Boards, parents and insurers would surely appreciate,” says Louise Melville, co-founder of Canadian International Expeditions, Climb for Leaders’ partner in developing this survey.

The survey measures four key factors:

1.    The perceived benefits of off-site activities;
2.    The perceived obstacles to off-site activities;
3.    The willingness of staff to undertake a broad range of off-site activities;
4.    The perception of risk factors involved with off-site activities.

“Please encourage all staff and faculty at your school involved with ANY kind of off-site activity to take this survey. You will be able to easily compile their scores to get a very insightful report for use at your school, and you will also get access to aggregate scores for comparison purposes.  You can then take a good hard look at your programs and policies, and make adjustments that reflect what your staff and faculty are telling you,” urges Ms. Ismail.

The survey can be found here:


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