Ask yourself these questions

Below is a check list of some key questions that your school might wish to answer to make any school trip or expedition as safe as possible.

  1. Do our expeditions, service trips, and international student travel programs meet the requirements of a well recognized standard like BS8848?
  2. Do we have a detailed Risk Assessment and Management System, that is communicated widely, for every phase of the trip?
  3. Do our parent permission and waiver forms adequately spell out all the project risks so that there is informed consent by parents and students? (hint: many school permission forms are woefully inadequate at this)
  4. Do we carry out a full reconnaissance for our expeditions, service trips, international student travel programs? If not, are we truly aware of the risks involved, and the competencies of the local tour operator?
  5. Are the competencies of the teachers/faculty accompanying the students clearly spelt out?
  6. Is there a Crisis Management Team, with clear responsibilities, available at the school during the entire trip, even during holidays?
  7. Do we have the right type of insurance for expeditions? Not all travel insurance is the same – they vary widely in terms of what is /is not covered.
  8. How can we get 100s of students, beyond those participating directly in the program, to benefit and learn meaningfully?
  9. How can the students participating make a much more meaningful and lasting impact on the environment beyond paying into a carbon offset program?
  10. How can we make this experience one that is truly life changing for EVERY student who participates?

There are numerous other questions we can think of, and would be happy to discuss, but we thought this was a good starting point.

If you have other key questions you’d like to suggest, please email us:


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